Uneducated + Underrated

by Expy

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released June 23, 2017

Experimented a lot with this project. Hopefully that goes over well.

comes with 2 bonus tracks upon download.
track-by-track explanation on each individual song

everything: Expy
cover: Ricky
guest verse: Inhansed

Serge Crown
False Ego
On Air

10/10 -Inhansed

this is the silver lining

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Expy Saginaw, Michigan

rap ricky

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Track Name: Myriad of Faces
yesterday i got a letter from friend of the court
says my dad owes nothin, we aint gettin support
and im just wonderin what day will be blowin the cork
what day this pressure builds until i gotta abort
wanna rewind, old days, buldin a fort
'for i picked this fuckin mic up so i could retort
been broke for 2 months, cant go to the store here
borrowed so much money, we're indebted for 4 years
fuckin teenaged with mid-life crisis
wear the baggage from my family, cant wait to ignite this
i just wanna be alone, dont wanna conversate
dont wanna fuckin talk, just wanna get fuckin baked
my mom just announced my graduation
how'm i gonna graduate with zero education?
every single hour, feel the hate lift
collar bone crumbles from the pressure, i wont make it

my soul ripe for the taking..
and i dont think that i can take it
bones shatter under weight till im shaking
and i dont think im gonna make it
my soul ripe for the taking..
and i dont think i can take it
i try to replenish what im breaking
seek shelter in a myriad of faces

addictive personality, embedded in my coding
couple years here, wont be shocked at some codeine
anything that i can get to turn the fuckin lights off
brain race constant, wish it'd take the night off
its been fuckin groundhog day for 17 years
and i feel the fuckin same way every year
im just goin through the motions, watchin time bleed
i dont know what im gonna do when i actually leave
im scared shitless, invest myself in everyones needs
im feelin guilty over shit that doesn't concern me
a fuckin pipe bomb chillin in the back room, mother
he just wanna get stoned, doesnt wanna school, mother
hes a fuckin fool cause of it, spewin out the lies
im shattered at my core, you can see it in my eyes
been manic since a kid, the panic has been a friend
since 10, it wont end, think im losin my mind
Track Name: Mirakuru
ive been doused with mirakuru

last week i sent some emails, tryna get booked
had all of michigan ringin off the goddamn hook
cast the line out, nope, nobody took
goin to bed cold, hungry with nothin to cook
fuck this industry, it rewards fuckin idiots
and i aint with the gist of it, simple, bitch
im the anti, breakin in super prisons with patched eyes
flat line, pullin the fuckin plug on these wack benign
asinine, wack asses, stand in line, im back
its fuckin over, get blasted once if you dont subside
you're wack, did i say that? im sorry its a knack
your shit is awful its a fact, youll be fallin off the track
i dont have respect for half of these dudes
they're either untalented or incredibly crude
artwork phenomenal, look at you, leonardo
you put some fuckin text on a picture, you're an artist bro

i see em braggin every day like they makin the moves
you aint got an album out, you think you payin your dues?
i fuckin earned my spot, and it aint even decent
thats why im out hear speakin like o'reilly in a sequence
fecal beats and needles preachin is exactly what you're teachin
steep ground, keep walkin with ya knees bent
its all over, go swimmin with a toaster
if you thinkin im tryna be underground like a gopher
if you get in this shit and only plan to rock the minimum
then what the fuck you doin, dude? its wraps when the pin is gone
ill send your mother flowers when your label is devoured
you're a coward, you saturate my genre with no power
its triple expy, careful not to offend me, im deadly
jealous god filled with fuckin envy
this my shit, i hold it up
if its me against the world ima soldier up
Track Name: I Guess I'll Never Learn
my mom asked if im depressed, cause how ive spoken
but it pissed me off because she just noticed
im a sight to see, little to no fight in me
feel the loneliness grippin tight as i try to breathe
every thought i have is fuckin useless
every word i speak is fuckin stupid
know what i need to do, just cant do it
need to get a job, and get a hold of these mental bruises
slipped quick, my psyche just wasnt strong enough
sick flip, i hit my head and they watched it bust
i got these dreams but nobody respects em
might as well not have em, im a broken reflection
me and agony are one, i barely notice its presence
it was gnawing at my back at 4 when openin presents
it was on my should whisperin in school when i freaked
when i talked my mom into fuckin lettin me leave

why do i get alone? i know what it does
why the fuck you think im sittin here invoking a buzz
im just thinkin to myself again, watchin it fall
watch myself limp, transition into a crawl

im a fuckin beartrap, waitin to snap
anyone thats in my teeth ill tear their ankle in half
im a motherfuckin scumbag, i fit the definition
if you saw how i lived you'd have to seek religion
anxiety's in my bed at night
like an old ghost, a friend that never dies
i forgot who i was, i forgot who i was
been so motherfuckin focused on a way that i can cope
that i lost my fuckin soul and i forgot who i was
i guess thats why im cold
feelin like a meltdown, glitches in my code
simply dynamtie, waitin to explode
and they knew that it would happen-
they just didnt wanna see it unfold
guess i could see their thoughts
but believe me, if you saw mine you'd be distraught
demons on my back, tryna get em off but i-
Track Name: Lemme Finish (ft. Inhansed)
walkin like a zombie because everybody fear the flow
been fuckin sick since you put sugar in your cheerios
black masked, a black mass on back masks
wack ass, get black balled, you wack, fact
you lack casualty, rackin up the casualties
casually, bashin me? let the work speak, im on leave
live in sur-reality, since birth hot shit just burst right outta me
an alien from planet "fuckin sweet"
you couldn't feel me if i was under feet
fuck with me, hilarious, im laughin cause im un-defeat
when i say somethin i dont repeat
you listen or thats it, you dont get it cause you're under me
i been dope since ivan ooze had demise ensue
yall are flys in the bug-zap, im fryin you
try to slide, im eyein you, try to find a tune
but you still wont see what im tryna do, eyes are glued

turn the ignition, ive been itchin for submission
and my trigger finger inchin to the finish, bitch listen
im a man on a mission, and i wont be fixed with penance
either way ima end up in the guinness, let me finish

dont be messin with me, because steppin to me
is like chillin vs leffen homie, leffen is me
so i reckon you leave, fore im left to the beat
you compared to me is like a joe compared to a steve
hope ya catch the clue fore your left eye blue
i dont play by rules, never payed my dues
got a high IQ, but never passed in school
so if rap dont work i got everything to lose
you- aint- bout it, wanna brawl? i doubt it
overall you're somethin small compared to fuckin giants
never been defiant but fists start flyin
when i gotta prove myself to motherfuckers that be pryin
tryin my patience, described up in laymens
you fuck with me ill fuck you up, end of the statement
so keep on hatin, our legacy amazin
so much fortune shits foreign like Faymen
Track Name: Actin' Up
Motherfucker, better back it up
youve been talking for how long? yo back it up
ive been going for how long? im mad as fuck
thats why im out here, wilin' and actin up

motherfuckers wanna rain on my legacy
yo, you could never take the pen from me
and bitches wanna carve chips in my damn effigy
steady out here makin my enemies agayn
you just writin 16s for the fuckin fame
im just writing 16s for my fuckin name
if i never make a check ima make that shit okay
cause i never seen a day i couldnt turn around
punk bitch, flex and ill get the burner out
stand down unless you wanna go the furnace route
more rage than your parents when they 'work it out'
you hear the screamin in the trunk? i aint heard a sound
convictions are useless, invented the blueprints
so you fuckin fruity loops dudes can come do this
told you im a nuisance, i come with the rudeness
and if you get big i promise its on fluke shit
you cryin to jesus and he might just hear it
if you weren't a bitch with the mind of a fetus
a different depiction of evil opinions
and you can see god in my chain when it glistens
you thinkin the shit that im spittin is fiction
till you're just a pic and description, bitch listen
im fittin to smitten, take you in to michigan
and steal your bitch and fuck her with a mitten dick
im meanin business, if you aint diggin this
hop in a pool with a tv and end the shit
im just the best at this, im boba fett with this
100 percent with this, willin for death with this

[Part 2: Hold On]
i just wanna hold on to whats left

i never thought id be here again, no, no
i never thought i needed a friend no, no
and i dont think that ill be breathing again, no, no...no more...
but who knows whats on the other end, you know...
Track Name: Pushed Me Away
since a kid the church was prominent
survived a life threatening surgery, accomplished it
and its believed it was under god's providence
my grandma prayed for a sign and she got the shit
so im a miracle kid, i wore it proud upon my skin like a flag on a ship
but when i hit about 13, everything switched
i started asking all these questions that i couldn't resist
i fucked up, opened up, and told my damn family
they went fuckin manic and leaped, tried rehabbing me
but all that shit did was alienate
i didnt say i was an atheist, but is that okay?
said i was stuck in the middle, they pushed me into the frame
best of intentions, but all it did was damage my brain
gotta bury all these demons i felt
i cant even be myself without gettin fuckin pelted
compared to the previous generation
i think that im doin good, minus the education
but fuck, in old days i only wanted to pray
then self-doubt set in and started pullin the fray
i think the church is what made what i am today
i saw so many angry faces that i had to stray
and shit, its far from my mom's fault
she only wants her son present up in god's walk
i just wish that i could be accepted
without any inch or shred of rejection
wish i could talk, how i talk, so you see that its me
and not put this fuckin front on, to refrain from a scene
someday i could have a change of heart, and i may
but its ironic that the strongest faith pushed me away
Track Name: Lucifer is Laughing
today i went through my room, shit im hoarding's vile
i found a white letter in a random ass pile
when i picked it up, a knot tight in my chest
as i read "happy birthday, from Author Quest
you've been accepted, your submission was really the best
here you're accepted, other writers with a love for a pen
if you just fill out the forms we sent with this note
you can come for 4 days and get your skills to crescendo"
to anyone else that seems awesome
but it wrecked me, i forgot i was an author
i forgot i wrote these stories i thought were the shit
im so fuckin disconnected from myself as a kid
and this was 2012, not even that long of a stint
how much more fucked up can the evidence get?
didnt have the cash to go, i remember i was pissed
i wonder what the difference is if my path had switched

I feel this crippling sensation
retreat from the attic to the basement
i just wanna feel good...but i dont know if i could
i feel a devastating blow
cocked back, thrust through the center of my soul
i just wanna feel happy...if he's real i know lucifer is laughing

im broken, open to lettin descent
swallow my soul whole, cerebellum fried to neck
i just wanna leave the house without anxiety worsening
friends are only online cause i cant handle in person
i cant remember if my childhood is what it seems
or just dreams, feelin like im gonna burst at the seams
i remember gettin dragged to fuckin school as a child
crying, beggin mom to not take me, its wild
i remember fake pukin to stay, it aint my fault
till one day i cried so hard i did on the sidewalk
cause i knew i didnt fit in with people
im probably entertaining something evil
since fuckin birth i get glimpses of happiness
and long drawn out days of depression
stay with aggression, conveying a message
that claims that im fine but inside im a match thats lit
Track Name: Save
my side projects could put you on your ass cheeks
im dabbling, imagine my brain at full capacity
ima laugh when you aint got the cash to pad the fall
im the walking incarnate of every dragon ball
waitin for a beef, i feed on death like a vulture
ima hit with you every move from american culture
ima spell your demise for not buyin my cds
and ignore your fuckin portrait when im eatin my wheaties
constantly improving, constantly deleting
constantly respawning, never see defeating
them seat belts need fastening, demon hype on gasoline
you askin for a tragedy? you got it, bitch, im handling
stay splittin wigs, a plague is what i insist
and im at the forefront with a pick axe in my fist
if you missed it what i said is this
bet on it, an outbreak is evident

with the way that im killin the fuckin game
....man i should probably save
level up, you aint erasin my name
....yo i should probably save

im the best undoubtedly, i should get paid hourly
they said that rap was dead, i got the jumpers, ima round these geeks
make circles around these freaks
leave you drownin, out in sea
you fuckin with the foulest? you about it? yeah well we gon' see
this some shit i kill for, woke till i make billboards
you sittin bitchin, promotin an album you aint build towards
been livin like real poor, got me feelin real sore
finna run up in a store with heaters, get me bills, whore
the day i get signed ima paint the sky
for every hate message i get, an angel dies
catch the fade like im editing a still, guy
be still, guy, cause its worse if you kick and cry
trailer park boy since a youngin, bitch im fishy
uneducated, underrated, rap ricky
its cthulhu with new tunes back to bruise up you dudes
been dope with these writtens since back in the womb, dude